Thursday, November 24, 2011


This morning, Kathryn, Will and I ran the Boulevard Bolt, a five miler with 8,000 participants. The race benefits the homeless and hungry.

I was hungry for redemption. Last month's disappointing marathon result still lingered. My plan was to run the first mile with the kids, then go. Will hung with me for awhile, but I was hunting for pain. It was time to fight through it, with better results.

My Garmin clocked me at just over 42:30, an 8:30/mile pace. It wasn't a PR for this race (41:48 in 2008), but I'm pleased with the time. Will finished a few minutes behind me and Kathryn a few minutes behind him.

I thought of Dori before, during and after the race. And I'll think of her all day today, too. Thanksgiving without her is mind-numbing and heart-wrenching. Last year's celebration was an occasion her sister Kathy and I will never forget.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and be blessed.

Thanksgiving Day Follow-Up: Some proof we were there ... Apparently this photo is on the front page of the Local News section.


ChuckEastNashville said...

Jim, thanks for the road race update. Congratulations on your run. In starting line photo you are next to one of my running friends, Mike Divinnie. Mike is wearing the gray, long sleeve shirt. Like you he is Catholic and ex-Navy.

Donna Clements said...

Very nice race, Jim. Thinking of you guys a lot this season. Continuing to lift you up in prayers.