Sunday, November 9, 2014

Running for Gilda's Club

It's time to run again for an incredible cause, while remembering an incredible person, my wife Dori. I'm running another half marathon this spring in Louisville with Team Dori to support Gilda's Club Nashville.

When Dori was dying in the spring of 2011, she made a list of things she'd like me to do. One of them was to attend cancer support programs at Gilda's Club Nashville, which she did all four years of her cancer journey. She said take the kids, too. I've been going ever since, and currently participate in a group called No Time to Grieve - Raising Kids on Your Own. Through the program, I've listened to others' struggles and successes, and have shared my own experiences. I've met Warren Thompson, our facilitator who has become a very good friend. Warren lost his wife many years ago and raised three kids on his own. We go to breakfast often. I've met Felice Apolinsky, who Dori loved dearly and vice versa. Felice has been an angel in many ways to me personally and to my children. She connects the dots, which is what Dori wanted for us. Recently, encouraged by founder Sandy Towers, I joined the board ... what a great group of leaders.

Team Dori met yesterday for our first run, then a coffee organizer with GCN's Deb Sandvik. Twelve of our 20 team members made the meeting. Our fundraising pages are being set up today and in the days ahead. My buddy Jim Asker, a lymphoma survivor, is doing an awesome job recruiting many of the "givers" we've met over the years, and I'm meeting new friends and hearing their stories. We're all eager to pound more pavement early in the morning in Middle Tennessee so others can have the support they need.

Please consider giving to Gilda's Club Nashville. You would be doing something great for others while remembering Dorothy Ruth Sawyer Brown, who blessed us with such tremendous grace, love and strength while she was with us. I thank you in advance!

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