Tuesday, November 6, 2007

'Light at the end of the tunnel'

The last few posts about football probably reek of "me Tarzan, you Jane" maleness. So here's a photo of a flower, the aromatic aster or big aster, that's common to Tennessee. We have some blooming in our yard right now. As I was walking up the driveway last night, I spotted some aster, which immediately reminded me of Dori ... simple yet elegant, and a beautiful purple that is so Dori. When I read a description of the aster, I learned it's "drought-resistant." Not surprisingly, it's the only flower acting sassy in our yard right now after a miserable summer of heat and little rain. That's kind of how I feel right now ... it's been a rough five months, but I'm beginning to see beauty around me again. The aster represents much to me in November 2007 and probably will for some time.

Dori said she's beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I certainly share that feeling. We know there are still risks in the first 100 days plus and the chance of relapse or complications exists. That's just reality. What's special is I detect Dori and I both, after facing such adversity and odds (I never shared those nor will I because I think odds are for minimalists and actuaries), are ready to get on with it all as she recovers. I expect many of those obstacles that seemed large pre-leukemia won't seem that way to us. We've been "Lanced" by cancer, though I'm not ready to predict any Tour de France victories. Besides, Dori is on plenty of steroids; she'd never pass a test in France for the rest of her life.

We do both think about her donor often, and I expect that will continue. Dori has written about what this giving 23-year-old male has meant to her. Reading it was like getting one of those ice pails of water dumped on you. At dinner tonight, Kathryn asked me about some of the pop culture divas, wondering why they get so much attention. This, of course, was a great "Dori question," but I stepped up to the plate. "Kathryn, some people in our media like to glorify the Paris Hiltons, Lindsey Lohans and Brittany Spears. Your Mom and I hope you and your brother choose to glorify God, and celebrate and honor those who are selfless, not self-centered." People like Dori's donor. Since he's from Europe, I'm calling him Hans until we hopefully meet him. That will be a glorious day.

Hope you enjoyed the aster and may God bless every one of you like he has the Browns this Thanksgiving.


lcreekmo said...

What a great post. You always have something meaningful and important to share. Blessings to you all and to Dori, hang in there. I am glad you are feeling more like yourself!!


Donna Clements said...

Jim, it's really given us a shot of encouragement just to read your post. We appreciate the window into your lives - it's making us better people. Thanks for the blessings and may God continue to bless you and Dori.

Runcie and Donna

Jim said...

Thank you Laura and Donna. I'm glad telling this story means something to friends. I have found blogging to be cathartic, almost like a friend who listens. It's nice to see several are. Thanks again.