Saturday, November 17, 2007

Two runs

Back home after a two-day business trip. It feels good to say that. I was able to make the important trip because Dori is improving and Dori's Caregiver Team is top notch! Mom, Anne and Dan ... YOU ARE THE BEST!

Dori's energy level continues to improve. A blood test shows her DNA is now 100% donor DNA. She'll have a biopsy Tuesday to confirm that and some other things, but go, Hans, go! Her appetite is improving and she's been given a tapered steroid schedule that will finish before Christmas, if all stays on track. Dori looks good and feels good, but certainly isn't 100%. She's pacing herself smartly. The kids are at some friends' house, so we're going for a walk in a bit with Pepper.

Tonight, friends of the Hendrys are having a bonfire celebration/auction in Franklin for Chuck and his family. I don't think I can make it because the kids will be home by then, and I need to be here. We're very happy Chuck is making great progress.

Vanderbilt plays UT in football in a few hours. My Florida prediction was a joke, and I think UT is going to handle us easily. Something like 31-13 or 24-10. Maybe I'll be wrong again, which would be nice.

I was able to run twice on the road, so I actually ran three times this week! After my six-mile Sunday run, I ran a fast 5K late Wednesday afternoon and a smooth 4-miler on Friday at dawn. I probably ran an 8:30 pace or lower on the 5K and about a 9:00 pace on the 4-miler. It felt good to run 13 miles this week. I did enter the Thanksgiving Boulevard Bolt on Belle Meade Blvd., though I'll have to watch my calf, which is bothering me again. Stretch and rest ... sound familiar?

I'm also considering running a full marathon in 2008. When this thought pops in my head, it usually goes away within a day because I recall the pain of a half marathon. For some reason, I've thought about a full three days in a row now. I definitely need to sort this out ... Dori said she'll support me if I run a full, but doesn't think it's a wise idea, given my muscle trouble. She's got a point. I think I would need to drop another 25 pounds and train even smarter to make it work so the stress is reduced. What's got me thinking is I raised $25K for LLS through my half, why not raise $50K through a full? I would do this at least a year after the Virginia Beach Half so there is no donor fatigue. I'll ruminate more over some dark beer and stuffing next week ... two of several reasons why Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday.

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