Monday, June 23, 2008

It Never Fails

So hopefully no one got in trouble watching the Samantha Sang video at work today. Funny, yet slightly disturbing pop culture. That'll be a recurring theme of Friday Night Flashbacks, so be forewarned.

I'll start with a running update. I finished last week with 5.3 miles on Saturday with the TNT gang. I ran with the full marathon group, led by their coach, Mark. We took it easy, stopping for water once. I ran the last group mile briskly, then ran a cool down mile around Centennial Park. Total time: 51:54. Total mileage for the week: 22.6. Total training miles to date: 60.

On Sunday, I did a few sit-ups and curls after hitting golf balls with Will. The boy can putt. This morning's Marine-like wake-up alarm at 4:25 was harsh, but after some fluids, a Clif bar and a half mile of running I was OK. The temp was 64, humidity 87%. Not bad at all. I'm dealing with my first injury, a stone bruise or something related on my left foot. It's minor pain that oddly goes away after a few minutes of running.

I ran the same 5.92-mile course I ran last week, but in reverse. The first two miles are mostly downhill; except for the early discomfort, I felt great. Ascending hills without losing rhythm has improved, and so did my time - 56:30, or a 9:32 pace. The run was fairly stress free until the end, when I needed some carbs.

After the run, I took Pepper for a 1/4-mile walk and then stretched. Breakfast was the norm - a banana, bagel with raspberry jam, juice and coffee. Usually, no one in our quiet house is up until 6 (either Kathryn or Dori), and today was no different. I so enjoy having 90 minutes, some of it albeit groggy, to myself. It's a great way to start the day - feeling good after a run and eating well. Your mind says, "All clear!"

Dori and I had planned to join our friends, Runcie and Donna, Saturday for dinner and a movie. We had to reschedule, but Dori and I kept our dinner date. I mentioned to Dori I had never wished time to speed forward, until very recently. Dori said she's thought the exact same thing. Yes, it would be nice to be in the middle of the summer of 2010, knowing Dori had the "all clear" from the docs at VUMC. Somewhere, in the corner of mind, I knew we were wrong.

At church the next morning, Father Kibby talked about the gospel, which dealt with being at peace through fear - always. But is wishing time to speed ahead, like Dori and I did, causing us not to cherish every moment? No, not really, but is it trusting Him completely with our lives? Probably not. It made me rethink our wish. It made me feel small. Reminder received: Every day is a gift, so live it.

It almost never fails - When I truly listen to the gospel and homily, God is speaking. The conduit (scripture, a priest or a deacon) is irrelevant. It's Him.

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