Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy With Third Place

I watched much of the Tour de France while on vacation, cheering for Lance Armstrong and others and rooting against a few jerks. On Saturday, Lance solidfied third place with a gritty effort up the famed Mont Ventoux, which has some 12% grades, no let-ups, heat and high winds. A British rider died on Ventoux in 1967.

Lance's story is well chronicled. Some who follow this blog also follow his journey closely. I have mixed feelings about Lance. I greatly admire his tenacity, courage, indomitable will and commitment to wiping out cancer. His cockiness and occasional abrasiveness are things I try to avoid and his pursuit of Hollywood starlets and rocky relationships aren't endearing.

But it's nice to see the old man of the tour mellow some over the years, including in this introspective interview with ESPN. Lance, a seven-time winner of this race, says he's pleased finishing third, and I believe him. He's found some nice perspective along the way.

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