Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Teaching Moments

Dori's review from her Teaching Fellows training program is in. According to her advisor, Dori has "a natural way in which she provides direct instruction ... Her classroom management was based on respect." Her instructor was "especially pleased with the level of respect ... returned by her students."

The local head of the teachers' union called programs like these a "gimmick." Uh, excuse me, hombre. My girl's gonna teach some of our kids who need more people like her. Dori is interviewing now for a permanent position.

Hey, I'm feeling like a runner again.

Monday night, I struggled through a six-miler with no shortage of soreness and mild pain. My joints, muscles and bones hurt from the previous day's 90 minutes of tennis with Fraulein Forehand, Dori the Warrior. Last night, I ran seven fluid miles in July conditions that were an anomaly - very dry and comfortable. Smart runners were everywhere, taking advantage of the break. Tomorrow, I'll run four, getting me close to last week's 20.

The media is reporting plenty of sad, disturbing stories, one of which is in our backyard - the Steve McNair death/girlfriend suicide. Tonight, before and at dinner, we talked with the kids about details of this modern day Shakespearean tragedy. We're not folks who hide from the uncomfortable stuff, as you probably know. Some in my family have buried things in the past that we should have talked about. Not me, nor some of my other astute relatives.

With our kids at defining moments, we've decided to share our thoughts while encoraging them to talk and elaborate, appreciating what they tell us. Tonight, they delivered measured, poignant remarks one might not expect from two kids combined age 20. We've been impressed by their conclusions, and I'll leave it at that.

I know our friend PJ and other RFD visitors love good food. My sister Anne, Mom and I collaborated on a great meal at her house Saturday. Here's a sample of the mess, from an old naval officer. Life is good, and tasty.

Good food, good wine and good photos. Here's a link to better photos by brother-in-law Stephen, including a special page with our kids at a younger age and my departed black lab Otis.


PJ said...

My congrats to Dori. That food looks yummy.

Ann said...

Yay, Dori! I checked in first thing this morning and I know I'll be thinking about that delicious looking plate of food for the rest of the day.

Ronni Gordon said...

Good work's to enjoying good food...and I'm glad your kids are so perceptive. There's nothing like the satisfaction of feeling good about your kids!