Monday, September 27, 2010

'Transplant Two'

Dori and I met with Dr. Jagasia last Friday. I'll blog again once we sort out more details from a very helpful and interesting exchange.

It's pretty clear Dori, whose situation looks more unique every day, essentially experienced a second transplant earlier this summer. We think Hans took a brief break before realizing he needed to get back to work. Looking back, Dori's intense GVHD for a week in July was all Hans, who was mad as hell some leukemia sneaked past his radar. Stay tuned for some analysis and potential next steps.

Friends and family were active last weekend. Donna filed a nice report about her first half marathon. We're thrilled she ran so well in her first 13.1 and appreciate what she did for Dori.

Kathryn and Will ran PRs yesterday in their final cross country meet. Conditions were very good - cloudy and a comfortable 70. Kathryn ran 1.5 miles in 11:19, besting her 12:21 and moving up to a Top 25 finish. Will ran his mile in 6:34, finishing around 13th. Both finished hard.

Dori the Treadmill Warrior continues to walk about 30 minutes every day. She loved the cool breeze that blew through the window during yesterday's walk. I biked 30 hilly miles yesterday morning. One hill blew me off my bike for the first time. The hill was about a half mile long, much of it at least an 18% grade. It was too dangerous to weave up the hill ... a speeding car would have complicated our lives.

We like simple around here.

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ChuckEastNashville said...

Kathryn and Will, nice work on those season ending cross country times. I don't know if you compete against Cole Jones of MBA. Cole is middle school age and son of one of my running friends. Like you both he had a tremendous drop in time during cross country season. Congratulations.