Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dores win

Vanderbilt beat Ole Miss 31-17 last night in impressive fashion. They controlled the game, though they made it interesting with a missed field goal and a few other mistakes. VU fans are used to that ... but we take every win we can get.

The team showed enough promise to make me believe they will win more big games. Swami Jim sees wins against Eastern Michigan and Miami of Ohio, with big games against Auburn and Georgia in early October. I don't see us beating Florida or South Carolina, but every other game on our schedule looks winnable, including Tennessee and Wake Forest. What is up with Tennessee, by the way, which lost 59-20 against Florida? Did they quit, or is Florida that good?

The tailgate yesterday was great fun. My sister Anne really dressed up her house, and my BBQ turned out great. Mom said it was the best ever. The brisket was like butter, friend Paige Clancy (or was that Betsy Hindman?) said. Several friends stopped by and seemed to have a good time before the game. Everyone remarked how great Dori looks, and I think you'll agree from the picture above of her cheering on Will at yesterday's soccer match.

Will's soccer team won again 4-0. Will had one play that drew double-takes. While on defense, he collected a hard ball with his left foot, moved it to his right and blasted it away from defenders, all in one motion. Dori yelled with enthusiasm, and I gasped, "Did you see that?" The crowd acknowledged the outstanding play. Will has been playing mostly D, but I can tell he'd like to play some offense, too. He does seem to be a natural on defense. Dori says he looks intuitive out there. Wayne Gretzky once was asked why he was a good player, and he said he goes where he sees the puck is going to be, not where it is now. Will seems to have some of that. Proud parents.

Pepper and I snuck in our 2.5 mile run. The dog is now about 19 months old and seems to be developing some stamina. The perfect weather doesn't hurt endurance. I like having him along on short runs.

We'll be busy at VUMC this week with caregiver classes and Dori will undergo a thorough physical. We're encouraged with where we are ... Dori is in great physical shape and has a very good frame of mind as she nears the next big phase of this battle. Your cards and the stories you have shared have been very comforting. Have a great week, everyone, and thank you for joining us in prayer.

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