Saturday, September 15, 2007

Game day

Today is a perfect day for being outdoors. It's 59 degrees outside and we'll have a high in the low 70s. Will has a soccer match this morning, I'll probably squeeze in a short run, and then I'll head to my sister's house for a tailgate before the Vanderbilt-Ole Miss game.

We'll watch UT-Florida on the tube. We're expecting about 25 friends and family to swing by ... I rolled out the smoker last night and cooked some Texas-style brisket, Memphis-style ribs and polish sausage. Yum ... no half marathons today.

Today's game is a must-win for Vanderbilt. They simply cannot afford to lose games in which they are favored, especially at home. Being a VU football fan is not for people who like bandwagons. We're kind of on an island. We watch thousands invade our stadium, often outnumbering us like last weekend against Alabama.

Being a VU football fan is also very rewarding. Meeting the players and watching them excel in sports, the classroom and life is invigorating. In this day and age of arrested athletes, mercenary coaches, greed and cheating (nice job, Patriots), a Vandy fan can be proud of the school's program. This team has more talent than recent squads, and winning today would be a big step to earning more respect and achieving the goal of going to a bowl game.

Dori's potential donor went through an information session this week. That's a great sign ... she's still engaged in the process. I thank God for this young person I don't know who is about to give my wife a chance at a cure. What many of you have done by getting on the Bone Marrow Donor Registry is amazing ... it is selfless and magical, really. Dori's transplant date is looking like early to mid October ... VUMC is targeting the week of October 8. Dori's blood counts have generally risen since consolidation chemo, with a little fluctuation on certain counts. She goes to bed early and sleeps a little more than pre-leukemia.

Each one of us still has a tough day or two, but we do well when we stay busy, while keeping an eye on each other. Dori is doing well, especially when she stays busy completing tasks and chores. The kids are doing great in school and after-school activities. My work, which I am enjoying, is keeping me busy. Yes, this situation dominates my thoughts, but I won't let it consume me. It's an ongoing thing that requires prayer, reflection and the continual realization I am very human.

I took it easy running this week. I am about 95% since the half marathon. Here's a recap:

Monday - 4.0 miles, treadmill, 35:18
Tuesday - 40 minutes on crosstrainer
Thursday - 4.25 miles, 87 degrees, moderate terrain, probably an 8:40 pace
Today - Probably 2.5 miles in the neighborhood with Pepper, mid 60s, moderate terrain

Weekly total: 10.75 miles

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