Monday, September 10, 2007

Next steps

When I was younger, it wouldn't have been inaccurate to say I was directionless. The Navy helped changed that, and some soul-searching later helped, as well. Today, I don't feel directionless in life, just aimless after the half marathon (goal set, goal accomplished). I have direction to see Dori through this fight against leukemia, to be a great Dad and to grow professionally, for sure. But after a summer of goals, I feel whupped and people who know me know it.

With the air out of the balloon, I'm just running for health reasons right now. Today, I ran four miles at the Y in 35:18. It was an easy run that I cut short because I felt calf tension again. If I have a running goal right now, it's not to get too far out of shape until I set my next running goal. Pretty aimless, if you ask me. Guys do better with goals and those honey-do lists we whine about.

My first run after the 13.1 was a very enjoyable 1.5 miler with my son. He had run cross country practice only an hour before, but when he heard I was going for a short neighborhood jog he said, "Can I come?" "Sure, son, let's go." I was impressed by his resolve. After two races that afternoon, he hung with me in some humidity and on some moderate terrain. He could have quit at the end up a hill, but he just plowed on and then surged ahead of me. He's trying to be like Dad, I guess, and I'm fine with that (usually!).

On Saturday, Will and his soccer team played their first match, winning 2-1. Will played a good game, clearing the ball often on defense and showing good skills (sideline photo above with his buddy William Antony). He's won three of four cross country practice runs and is doing great in school, according to his teachers. This is good stuff. How blessed we are as parents.

Later on Saturday, Will and I went to the Vanderbilt-Alabama game. I thought VU would win this game, but they executed poorly and still have shoddy special teams. They won't go to a bowl unless they fix their kicking coverage. It's atrocious. The refs made some bad calls, but that didn't cost us the game. Will had a blast, as always (photo of him above at the "Star Walk" one hour before the game).

Kathryn is also doing well. Today, while listening to a story on NPR about General Petraeus, I asked the kids what they thought about Iraq, not expecting much of an answer but just to see what they know. Kathryn proceeded to state her position and explain it plausibly (I took the opposite view, BTW, and we talked about how the country is generally split on the issue). I'm not a Rumsfeld fan, if that helps you figure where I stand.

Dori has several medical appointments, as do I, over the next two weeks. We'll keep you posted on CaringBridge. Have a great week.

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Dan said...

My next goal is 190 pounds by Oct 11th, what is yours?