Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Been awhile

These are some of my friends at my 20th year reunion at Vanderbilt. Dori encouraged me to spend some time at the festivities and have fun, so I did after some abbreviated QT with her at the hospital both Friday and Saturday before heading to campus.

Many of my friends were fun and pretty cool 20 years ago, but today they're more than just cool - they're mature, kind people, and often hilarious or witty. I saw many folks I hadn't seen in years. Most everyone looked like they did 20 years ago, with an added wrinkle or two and some receding hairlines. Most folks seem to be staying in good shape, bucking the trend of the rest of the nation.

I stayed out way past my bedtime on Friday, even though I hit the brakes more than the gas pedal, if you know what I mean. After a few beers, I spotted a table with some Krispy Kremes and some coffee that seemed like the right call. On Saturday, I pressed the gas pedal just a smidge, though I called it an early night after the VU-Georgia game. Yes, Vandy lost a game they could have won (ever seen Groundhog Day with Bill Murray?). But who cares, really? I've got much bigger fish frying these days.

Kathryn and Will, as we noted yesterday on CaringBridge, are doing very well in school. This has been a good year for them, though I don't ever remember having the amount of homework Kathryn has in 4th grade. Dori's sister, Kathy, will be here this weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing her, and so is Dori. Kathy will carve pumpkins with the kids. I'm thinking some churching will be good after some very hectic weekends to start the fall.

It rained today. Yes, that is blogworthy. Nashville is in a severe drought. I called my sister this morning, and - as once heard on Star Trek - queried, "What is this thing your people call 'rain'"? She laughed only a second and got excited. "It's raining? That's great!"

I haven't really been running much. I ran five miles on the Stones River Greenway one day last week for a weekly total of just under nine miles. The clip was brisk, but not fast ... about an 8:35 pace. I ran an easy 2.5 miles today at lunch. I'm very sore for some reason (probably a combination of lack of rest and stretching, the need for new running shoes, and just being worn down).

This really is my first change to blog in a week. I am much busier right now than I was this summer, and summer was busy. Each day is going by quickly, which I look at as one day closer to Dori's being cured of leukemia.

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