Tuesday, October 9, 2007

No time for running

Here are two recent photos of Kathryn and Will. The photo of Kathryn was taken Sunday after their cross country meet. The pic of Will is with Pepper, who has begun to lose "his puppy verve" and is becoming a calmer companion. The timing of that is good, by the way.

The kids had very good races Sunday. It was hot as Hades, but they both ran great. Will ran a 5:50 3/4 mile, while Kathryn ran a 7:50 mile. Kathryn is often emotional after her races, so I now stay away for a few minutes until she chills out, literally and figuratively. Will is having a consistent year, both in track and school. This Sunday should be the first cool race day; I'm excited to see them have more fun than running in a sauna.

I, on the other hand, have had little time to run. Between having two jobs right now (my old job and a new one with a recent promotion), managing the kids and the house, and being with Dori at the hospital ... there is almost no time for a run or to think about anything past 15 minutes. Since I was preparing for some of this bedlam, I've accepted it and am dealing with it. I did run 3.7 miles in moderate terrain in 90 degrees Sunday, my only run in a week. I took it slow. Maybe I'll get a run in before the weekend. Fingers crossed for Thursday.

If you're like my sister Anne and I, you are a weather freak. I just have to know what the weather is going to be like tomorrow and in five days. Well, that means I watch a fair amount of the Weather Channel. When they do the Local Forecast, they usually play good music. Right now, they are playing an instrumental song that I absolutely love ... Do you remember Ferris Bueller's Day Off? The song in the Chicago Art Gallery? Anyone, anyone? The song, full of oboe and synthesizer, is "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want" by The Dream Academy, one of my favorite bands. Sadly, there is no soundtrack so don't get fired up about loading up your iPods. There are some other versions of the song, but that's like drinking decaf.

I am very excited about Monday, October 15. That is Dori's and my 13th anniversary. I won't give away anything to Dori, but Will is working on something special for us (yes, my parent radar is up). Our wedding day in 1994 was the most perfect day. Cool, high 60s, no humidity. Before the wedding, my friends and I watched Vanderbilt beat Georgia, 46-30, in Athens. Dori looked so stunning when I saw her escorted by her Dad I had to fight back tears. She smiled and laughed the whole night. When Union Station Hotel lost our reservation, I slipped the bellhop $10 (big money back then), and he secured us a room across the street at the Renaissance. Dori and I ate curly fries and a cheeseburger at 1 a.m. before heading out the next day for our honeymoon in Colorado. Every anniversary has been special (our 10th was probably the best because I surprised Dori by taking her back in time that day). I'm looking forward to another one with my beautiful bride. By the way, lots of 10s in this paragraph. Dori's bone marrow donor match is a perfect 10 of 10, and her transplant is on 10/10. Get the picture ... feel the vibe? Bo Derek's got nothin' on Dori.

My 20th year reunion at Vanderbilt is this weekend. I plan to swing by, which Dori is encouraging. My Mom is catering for 300 Friday night, and John Marcheschi is staying at our house Saturday. I will see many good friends, some of whom I've done a decent job of staying in touch with in recent years.

It's late nights and early mornings these days, so I better run. Count your blessings every day and live life like Lance and Dori.

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