Sunday, September 13, 2009

Knowing When To Say When

Kathryn and Will finished in the Top 20 at today's parochial league cross country meet. Both were first in their peer groups for our school. But it was better than just that.

Our kids showed fight today. Will ran through some discomfort. I liked the way he worked up a hill. Kathryn lost a shoe at the start of the race and was knocked down as she scrambled for it. She was almost dead last as she hopped up, but recovered very well. She expended a lot of energy moving through the field.

In my world, it's been weird not running two of the last three days. I ran four miles Saturday at an 8:45/mile clip, ending the week with 28 miles and without a long run. I feel very rested and jazzed about running eight bright and early tomorrow, when I'll test some new running shoes.

Dori is back after a weekend at the beach with friends. She had a blast. I know she's wondering how she'll manage the next two years. New job, earning a master's at night, raising two kids and handling the day-to-day. Toss in dealing with me, and that's a workload. We are going to have to keep Wonder Woman's cape dry cleaned.

Understandably, I'm concerned things will pile up, so I've added some chores. I'm also asking the kids to be responsible in new ways, mostly chores. It's a work in progress. My Mom is helping by making a dinner or two, and I've gotten reacquainted with laundry, more school pick-ups and some lunch-making, and the list goes on. It's going to be a team approach. I'm determined we will be successful.

Dori's obstinance helped her beat back cancer, but frankly it's a threat to living a balanced life. The biggest thing I've noticed is declining to shut down late in the evening. At some point, great effort without brakes leads to a point of diminishing returns, just like training for a race. The bottom can even fall out, if you're not careful.

Let's just say I'll have my eyes on this.

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