Monday, September 7, 2009

The Value of Time

Dori is back to near 100% and ready to go back to school. The Labor Day break came at a nice time for all of us.

Yesterday, I read a poignant letter from Chris to his wife Ann's donor. Ann is celebrating one year post-transplant. Chris captures everything perfectly.

Dori's two-year anniversary is about a month away ... Saturday, October 10. Five days later, Dori and I will celebrate our 15th anniversary. The summer and fall of 2007 seem ages away. I have even forgotten to reflect about it a few nights in recent weeks and months. Time heals wounds, but some wounds never go away. Case in point ... I don't think of our black lab Otis, who we put to sleep three years ago last week, every day. But when I think of him, I still miss him, and it hurts.

One impressionable moment at Friday's Hall of Fame dinner was seeing Kaye, a non-Hodgkins lymphoma survivor. In her mid-60s, Kaye took a liking to Kathryn and Will. She asked me what type of blood cancer Dori had. After I said "AML," she said, "Isn't that a bad kind?" Yes, with low five-year survival rates, I answered, before noting Dori is doing very well.

After reading Chris's letter and thinking about the exchange with Kaye, I'm feeling guilty about not reflecting every night on our blessings and fortune. Another part of me is thankful that enough time has passed that Dori's cancer journey no longer dominates most of my thoughts.


Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

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