Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hans Back In Control

Dori learned today she is 100% male donor, up from 99.5% at her last biopsy. This is great news, which we posted today on CaringBridge. Welcome back, Hans!

Dori's strength continues to improve. Her muscles are rebuilding, and her stamina is improving. She still tires easily, but the direction is promising. Kathryn and Dori walked two miles earlier today. Dori is a busy, busy bee around the house. She's reassuming control over traditional chores and probably will return to a limited work schedule next month. I'm encouraging a go-slow approach, which I think her employer will understand.

I'm doing well. Work was intense for two months, but we've hit a semi-lull. I think having so much to do after getting Dori home in August was a good thing. An occupied mind keeps negative thoughts at bay. That said, I really needed a break about a week ago, which I took. I expect to take more vacation time the next few months. Know thyself.

I'm really at an inventory stage, and family management, always a part of my life, is front and center. We are asked a lot, "How are the kids doing?" That might be the hardest question to answer, frankly. Young children aren't as equipped to deal with the crap bombs we've been getting on and off for three years. Mature adults generally have deeper faiths than children and more maturity in most instances (though that's arguable in some families). The normal progression of life gives forty-somethings more tools than pre-teens.

So how do I answer that doozie? I think I finally found a good answer today as we spoke with our friend Jim this afternoon. "They're doing better than most kids their age who would be facing this situation," I said. Dori approved. It's not easy for them. They've learned life isn't fair and been given good reasons for higher anxiety. Our mantra, however, continues to be that we're going to live our lives to the fullest, stay active, and identify and use every available coping skill.

I ran four times this week - three times at dawn with Pepper (total of 11 miles) and a seven-miler yesterday at noon with Jim and a few of his buddies. The hills were easy, which I attribute to recent hill climbing on my bike. My heart rate is used to being elevated. I will likely try a 10-miler next weekend and to surpass 20 miles for the week. We have a five-mile Thanksgiving race I enjoy, but I may need to find a half marathon soon.

I'll leave you with a few photos from Dori's 20th college reunion, which she celebrated this weekend with good friends.

Dori, Liz, Cathi and Heather

Dori with Jodie Foster-lookalike and dear friend Liz


ChuckEastNashville said...

Dori, you look great. I am happy to read this news of your improvong health.

Jim, I am happy to run with you anytime. Based on your children's running talent and Dori's hikes, I fear you may be fourth fastest runner in your home. Let's get you on the roads and with a target road race in mind.

Ann said...

Dori looks radiant and I'm so happy she went to the reunion.

Ronni Gordon said...

So happy to hear about Hans.

Dori looks great.

PJ said...

Thought I'd peek in and see how you guys are doing. I'm happy to see you're doing great! It was an inspiration to read that Dori is getting better every day and made it to her class reunion. Your kids are really resilient. They remind me of how my children coped with the challenges of having a sick parent. I'm glad your running is back on track, Jim. It clears the mind.