Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Her Hike

All is well here. It's just been a wee bit hectic. I've been on the road, and work has been mostly fun, just harder to manage from the road and with normal family stuff.

A decade ago as we welcomed our children, I remember some wise people telling me how the Year 2000 calamity predictions were overblown and that "your most challenging years as a parent will arrive soon." Thank you, grasshoppers. Good call on the computers, but now what?

Actually, I am enjoying being a parent, even the stressful moments. The last month has been hard for some family members. I chalk some of it up to post-traumatic stress from the summer, and some to normal growth issues. Right here, right now is where and when we earn our keep as parents.

I learned a great deal going through some difficult teen years, and hopefully am a better parent as a result. I've been being fairly patient the last few weeks (for me), sharing love and lessons with people I love very much. Prayers for peace and patience - at home and at work - almost always work for me.

Dori is doing well overall. She finished her first week of Vidaza last week, with some queasiness as a side effect. Her counts today at clinic looked good; she didn't need a transfusion, though a bit more dropoff in her counts is expected from the Vidaza. I'm thrilled, since she's not going through turmoil.

Last weekend, we loaded up the minivan and headed for the mountains of northeast Alabama. Dori and I recalled spending a wonderful weekend 12 years ago in the Mentone area, so we scoured the Internet for lodging. On short notice, we found a pet-friendly cabin near the Little River Canyon on the lower end of Lookout Mountain. It was refreshing and peaceful, with several highlights - enjoying a great family meal at the Wildfire Cafe in Mentone, running four serene miles at dawn on a back country dirt road, and watching football with my son and the stars with my family on a clear night.

The biggest highlight was watching Dori hike into a steep canyon, perhaps a quarter mile, and hiking back out. I wasn't fired up initially about her obstinence to do this, but she wanted at it. She did great, saying softly but firmly as she reached our car, "I did it."

Yes, you did, great woman.


Ann said...

You both continue to inspire and amaze me. I'm not surprised that Dori managed that hike. She's proven her strength and grace time and again.

ChuckEastNashville said...

Nice pic. Dori, you look great as always. Continued success to you. Nice work on the hike, too.

However, has anyone in NE Alabama heard of Vanderbilt?

Donna Clements said...

You all are awesome! A kudos to you, Dori, on your hike! Your strength and poise are a lesson to us all. Love you guys and continuing to pray for you daily.

Julie said...

Loved the photos. Way to go on the hike too!

Alia said...

You look beautiful Dori! Love to you both!