Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Snow?

It doesn't snow much around here, especially on Christmas. But those zany folks at Weather.com have issued a statement that makes me glad we live on a hill. Snow is possible Christmas Eve and Christmas.

To me, Christmas is a season for reflection. Thanksgiving will always be my favorite holiday, but Christmas makes me think about life's priorities, much like Easter does: God, family, work, play. All four are important, but I'm especially mindful of that hierarchy during Christmas and Easter. Life is a gift, an opportunity and a test. Make the most of it, but realize what the prize is.

I say that not in a preachy way. The message in this picture, which I took at lunch, is something I personally support. I wondered when I took it, "Is this business owner preaching? What about my sandwich, dude?"

My read is that such signs are an aggressive attempt to counter the culture of declining church attendance and increasing secularism. Some people are afraid, even angry, and have different ways of expressing it.

My view? The sign is fine. Americans enjoy free speech. But I respect opposing views and religions other than Christianity. I don't have the answers, but I love the conversation.

And I believe what I believe, which is that we need snow this Christmas.

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