Saturday, January 15, 2011

Someone's Training

Dori the Warrior started training this morning to walk a half marathon. She's walking three miles with the folks at Gilda's Club, for whom she will raise funds. The race is in late April.

When she asked me for an opinion, I said I think it's awesome, but you might run it by Dr. Jagasia at Vanderbilt. His simple reply? Go for it!

On the way out the door, Dori said, "This is so not me," as she trudged into the cold. New sportwear covered her like an eskimo.

Oh, but it is you, my dear. You've already completed 20 marathons in the hospital and at home, more than most humans could endure. I'm looking forward to yelling my a%$ off for you in the spring. Let the miles pile up and the funds come in.

I think I'll do a long run today.


Ronni Gordon said...

Go Dori go!!!!!!

ChuckEastNashville said...

Dori, way to go. Continued success and strength to you. You and Jim are invited to train anytime with East Nasty Running Group. Monday and Wednesday nights we have a beginner walking to jogging group. Please join us.