Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Progress

Dori completed Round 4 of Vidaza with flying colors. Her donor DNA is a perfect 100%. She feels good, and her itching is gone. Good riddance.

Snow hit Nashville early this morning. With four inches on the ground, I took the kids sledding early to the hill I enjoyed as a boy. Will and Kathryn had a ball, and I made one Franz Klammer run down the slope with Will. My back is thanking me, but it was worth it to hear Will howling with joy as we went full speed.

I talked with the sister of a dear high school friend, as our children sledded. She said she didn't know anyone who has been through more than our family. I said, "Really?" I know many folks who have been through much worse than us. I replied the last 10 years have been the most challenging and rewarding of my life. Dori said "we're still here" when I recounted the episode.

I worked from home today, but managed to get over to Radnor Lake State Natural Area with Pepper for a brief hike. I'm glad I brought our camera. Walden Pond in Nashville ... pretty awesome.

The kids are playing some fun basketball this winter. Both teams are improving. Will's team is surprisingly undefeated, having endured a few thrillers. Kathryn's team finally broke into the win column, with a half-court three-pointer to end the third quarter and a traditional three-point play near the buzzer to win by one.

I may not have mentioned I'm not coaching this year because I want to enjoy the games WITH DORI from the stands. It's one of the best calls of my life. I still have some coach in me, which is hard to muzzle, but I so want Dori to see the kids improve and excel, which they're doing.

But you may not want to sit near me. My voice carries, like a coach's should.


Summer said...

Hello, Jim and Pepper!

So glad to hear about progress and beautiful snow. Hugs to all!

Jim said...

Hello, Super Summer! Hope all is well in Texas. Hugs from the Browns, including big-hearted Pepper.