Sunday, February 13, 2011

On the Road Again

Running this week went well. After last Sunday's five-miler, I ran three early Wednesday and five late Thursday, much of it on icy roads with Pepper. We took our time on slick spots.

With a half marathon on next month's calendar, I decided it was time for a long run, 10 miles. I need about three of these to be able to complete 13.1 respectably. Yesterday's weather was perfect, high 30s and a slight breeze. The first 3.5 went well. I stretched, hydrated and ran another 3, before repeating break activities and taking an energy gel. Paced by iPod selections, I continued to feel good, almost like I've been training seriously, which I haven't been.

At nine miles, I reached a steep hill that gradually abates over a half mile. I took it slow, coming off my 10-minute pace. I wobbled home, realizing 13.1 is going to be the challenge it almost always is. But 23 miles this week is a good effort, and this week's weather is supposed to be great.

Dori walked five miles yesterday. She is making tremendous progress now. Her hair is getting thicker, and her early morning vibrancy and improved stamina are daily gifts. She went to the Vanderbilt-Kentucky game yesterday with her good friend Liz (good guys won 81-77), and then joined me at the school gym for back-to-back games.

Kathryn's game was noteworthy in that her group almost upset the first place team by playing tenacious defense. They lost by four, but are getting more competitive each week. With some improved scoring and better ball-handling against the press, her team, which was getting run off the floor in early December, could surprise a good team in the upcoming tournament. We're proud of her toughness and scrap, and her desire to learn and get better.

Here's a photo from last week's Super Bowl party at our church. I told you she looks great! That plate of BBQ will not be on the training table the next few weeks.

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Ann said...

You both look great!