Friday, December 14, 2007

It is a Wonderful Life

It's lunchtime at the hospital and I haven't blogged in awhile. I've had a lot on my plate and a lot on my mind. Seems like that's a major theme of 2007.

I thought about one of my favorite movies, "It's a Wonderful Life," the other day. One of the bankers Dori helped to hire several years ago let Dori know he wouldn't be where he is today without her. This touched Dori, as it would any of us. I believe Dori has had so many hits on CaringBridge because she has touched so many people, directly like this banker and indirectly. Dori (and I) have so much for which to be thankful and this gratitude fuels our desire to help and connect with people. We share the same values, which is a big reason our marriage (or any marriage) can continue to grow and endure.

Anyway, I love "It's a Wonderful Life." Some critics and nega-holics say it's corny and contrived. Those movies, I would answer, are often the best kind. It may be a reason why I love the movies I do ... Hoosiers, Saving Private Ryan, etc. ... even if they intentionally pull a string or two. Isn't that the point? I watch "It's a Wonderful Life" over EVERY Christmas break. I usually get emotional, connecting with Jimmy Stewart and his situation, like many of us. I would bet we all know someone like Jimmy Stewart ... whether it's their plight or their character. I have a friend from college, Joe, whose optimism and bubbling energy are just like Jimmy Stewart's. He likes people and wants to help them. I'm glad I know Joe. "It's a Wonderful Life" is on network TV tonight, and my hope is many new folks wade through the many commercials and enjoy this movie.

Will had his first Reconciliation this morning. I'm very proud of him and how he carries himself. He possesses some great leadership qualities ... he is a good listener, likes people, and is optimistic and can take charge when needed. Kathryn has a basketball game tomorrow. Her coach told her yesterday to shoot more, after last week's good game.

Dori is sleeping right now. She has one heckuva rash, but her temp is a very nice 98.8. Dori and I aren't convinced the rash is GVHD-related, since it flared after three days here. We think it's drug-related, but both of us never completed med school. Wink, nod. Her appetite remains strong, and she rode the bike this morning. No transfusions, either, so maybe she gets to go home soon.

I have not run this week at all, and I feel it. I get antsier the longer it goes. I did manage to crank out a respectable presentation Tuesday morning to 400 people. My concern going in was the lack of time I had to prepare, but I managed to find time late Monday and very early Tuesday to prep adequately. Part of a two-hour program, the speech is running periodically on local access TV. After watching it, I still have some things upon which to improve.

Despite the challenges of this week, our ship looks good ... the big picture is where we need to continually keep our focus. Getting sidetracked is normal, but not good for any lengthy period.

HEEHAW and Merry Christmas!

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PriestessT said...

Jim -

I SAW "It's a Wonderful Life" yesterday - just on happenstance. What hit me this year is not that George touched so many people - known and unknown to him - or that they were will to come to his aide, but that Mary had to have the strength to reach out to the community with their need. If she had not taken that step, no one would have known that attention was required and no one could have fulfilled their own need to be a part of a bigger community and contribute to those in the community who need it.

Asking for help is always so humbling, but we need to remember that it is necesssary to help all of us experience the different ways that God can express through us.

Dori stopped in to see me the other day and I was SO thrilled. It's neat to know so may going through similar experiences. This is just a phase and she will get through it. Please try to remember those days when she is hom e and not count the days that she is not home. And please give yourself a break. You are in such a unique position where everything that happpens does affect your life and you don't even have the ability to "take a drug cocktail" to help. All you can do is sit by and watch and try to support. That's got to be the hardest role in this whole thing.

I'm blubbbering now, but in short, love yourself, let others love you, and enjoy your downtime.

Have a wonderful day!