Saturday, December 15, 2007

Waiting for Dori to return

Dori will not come home today ... the doctors are keeping her at least another day, despite the fact she's had no fever for 48 hours. Her persistent rash is both better and worse ... a little better on her chest but probably a little worse on her legs and abdomen. Since I was with the kids this morning and not at the morning consultation, my guess is the docs are playing it safe so she does not have to be readmitted soon.

Spending her birthday at VUMC was a downer for Dori and us. Though we expect her to be home soon, I (we) have to start preparing mentally for more extended visits like this one. It's not likely Dori will be at the hospital on Christmas, but I'm thinking about how we would handle that. Not negative thinking, just practical planning. I sure hope we don't have to go there. That would be rough on Dori and the kids. When school stops next week, my biggest wish is Dori will not be in the hospital. That's all I really want for Christmas.

I have been easier on the kids, except when it comes to staying in routines and doing routine chores. Easier by not making them eat all their vegetables, sneaking in a few extra treats, things like that. We've also been doing a lot of talking and hugging. A product of the military, I embrace routine and expect it from Kathryn and Will. The kids do well at times with their chores (making beds, cleaning rooms, etc.), while at other times they don't. They know what to expect if they underperform ... lost privileges, and if it goes on, some verbal fireworks from Pop. I needed and benefited from routine in my life ... when I played competitive golf, at work, etc. I was a good student when I stayed in a routine, a mediocre one when I fell out of one. Routine has been so important to the kids this year ... there were out of a routine this summer and had a tough time in late July and August. This fall, they've been pretty good with everything.

The kids and I went to Mafiaoza's on 12 Avenue for lunch. The food was excellent. I bought some wine and specialty ales, the latter of which I plan to enjoy later today, from Vinea next door. Cool store, though pricey. Beer (hoppy, dark and fruity) tastes good when it's cold outside like now. We brought Dori some angel hair pasta with marinara for lunch. It was the first time the kids have seen Dori in a week.

Kathryn has a cough, so we may have to find her a bed with a relative when Dori returns. Lots of folks have a bug right now (I'm hearing coughs everywhere ... the restaurant, hospital, work). There'll be no getting near my girl with any germs. I've spent much of today cleaning, doing laundry and wiping down our house ... and will do more tomorrow.

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