Sunday, December 9, 2007

Tough birthday to say the least

I'm blogging from the clinic at Vanderbilt ... Dori and I have been here all day. It's not the day, her 40th birthday, either of us planned.

This morning, the kids and I dressed for church. As we were leaving, Dori said her temperature was 100.5. Not good. I called the doctor on call, who said we need to visit the clinic. Dori packed her clothes for an extended stay, we dropped off the kids at my Mom's and here we are. Dori's mood is as you would expect, and glass-half-full Jim isn't much peppier.

Dori has read her birthday cards from the kids and me, but she hasn't opened her presents yet. We'll do that later today on 11 North, along with enjoying the special request dinner my Mom is making for her.

It isn't uncommon to be readmitted after a transplant. Dori knows this, so she's not desolate. She's feeling about how most folks would feel ... disappointed and a little bit concerned. Even though I'm watching all of this, I still cannot imagine how she really feels on top of everything else - with the drug cocktail she takes twice daily, the ongoing fatigue, the ups and downs emotionally - basically a lot of you-know-what. I know how I feel - bummed for her.

Despite all of this tough news, there is good news. Kathryn played her second basketball game this year, and she played a very good game. She scored four points, grabbed several rebounds and stuck her nose in the mix several times on defense. I asked her what her favorite sport is among cross country, basketball and soccer ... and hoops is her Number One. She's improved a lot since last year, which makes her parents proud. I was also proud of Will, who celebrated Kathryn's success during the game.

I ran my longest run yesterday since the Virginia Beach Half Marathon in early September. It's one of my favorites - an out-and-back to Belmont University, about 7 miles. Because of all the holiday weekend traffic (waiting at stoplights), a three minute water-and-refuel stop at The Athlete's House and a short walk up the hill at Belmont Park Terrace, the run took 70 minutes. Actual running time was probably about 65 minutes, maybe a little less. I felt very good, except up the steep hill at mile six, which I walked briefly because of minor calf muscle stress. Better not to incur injury than be a superhero.

Today, Dori is 40. Today is Day 60 post transplant. That adds up to 100. That's the goal of this race ... get to Day 100 and put all of this difficulty behind us.

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