Friday, December 21, 2007

'Merry New Year!'

Whew. Man, do I need the Christmas break! I am so thankful it is finally here and that Dori is home.

I like Christmas, but not as much as Thanksgiving. That's the way I've always been. Kathryn and I talked a lot today, and she asked me what I like about Christmas. "Celebrating the birth of Jesus and being with family ... the presents not as much," I said. "Me, too," she chimed in. To me, Christmas seems so materialistic in our country. I really do think Kathryn and Will both have done a good job of not craving or wanting things. That's been important to Dori and me. We like nice things, but things don't make people happy.

I rode the bike for 30 minutes and lifted for another 30 at the Y early Tuesday. I spent the rest of that day at the clinic with Dori and working some on the phone and computer. My sister Anne went to the clinic today with Dori, while Kathryn and I had some quality father-daughter time (Will is with some buddies). Dori's medical team is encouraged with her progress. Last week stunk, to be honest; this week has been much better. The dermatologists called this week to tell us Dori's rash was the result of a drug reaction, not GVHD. They are treating the rash, which is almost gone, with steroids. Dori looks as good as I've seen since late September. What a joyous time it will be next year to have her at full strength and doing the things she enjoys doing. But trust me, right now is a joyous time!

Realizing I'm looking at a few days of ale and some bad carbs, I went running today. It was almost warm ... low 60s with a slight breeze. I ran 5.6 miles at a modest pace over some moderate terrain. The last two miles were up a steady incline, and I felt it. At 4.6, I stopped for a smidgeon, gathered myself, and finished the last mile. I'm not in great shape anymore, which isn't surprising ... I just haven't had any time to crank out some miles. My calf muscles felt very good today, which was encouraging. I do wish the owner of a light brown spaniel/hunting dog would get an electric fence for Christmas. Their dog would not back down after trying to bite me ... I got so angry I went after the dog. Maybe I need the fence.

Christmas is almost here ... we don't have many traditions, except watching "It's a Wonderful Life" this week and having a big dinner at my Mom's (prime rib usually and I hear that's on the menu again). Seems like we often watch "The Sound of Music" this time of year and listen to Christmas CDs we've bought over the years. We don't usually go to the Children's Mass, but might do so this year.

If you're so inclined, do share your Christmas or holiday traditions. As Eddie Murphy said in "Trading Places" ... "Merry New Year!"

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