Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dedication to Dedicated People

I've surfed a little to read stories of people who will be running Sunday. The most compelling so far comes from Raleigh, NC. Talk about some strong, graceful ladies. Here's more about the daughters and their mother, Paula Sukenik.

Obviously, I'm running Sunday to honor my precious wife and best friend, Dori. But I'm running for so many more people, most of whom I don't know personally. I just know what they have experienced or will experience. But here are some of the many people I'll be thinking about in addition to Dorothy Ruth Sawyer Brown.

I honor:

- The friends we have made through our journey in Nashville, including Dori's fellow survivors from 11 North - Chuck, Tammy, Kim, Candy, all of you. Also, the wonderful staff at 11 North and the 2nd Floor Clinic.

- PJ and Ann, two ladies whose spunk and spirit I admire from afar in distance but closely through the Web connection.

- Robin Groff, who died earlier this year. I've thought of Robin several times on my most difficult training runs. What a lovely lady who wrapped herself in God's love.

- Ronni on the East Coast, Lea on the West Coast and everybody like them in between. Ronni and Lea are two ladies who tell it like it is and keep great attitudes.

- My fellow Team in Training Teammates, who woke up early every Saturday and many other days and dedicated four months of their lives to help people in need.

- The 100 Donors who helped us do what we've done the last five months. The world is a better place because of your giving.

Dori just returned from Light the Night. I stayed home because of the bronchitis and because it's raining. They gave her a "Survivor" shirt, which she plans to wear Sunday as she cheers me and others on. Go away, bronchitis, and let me run like I know I can.

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