Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hello, Fall!

Wow, was it nice this morning. Yesterday morning's run felt fine, but this morning was pristine - 52 with a 47 degree dewpoint and 77% humidity. That's San Fran weather! Are you in the mood? I am!

I ran a nice 5.5 miles yesterday at a 9:32/mile pace. This morning started out rough, however. On a seven-mile out-and-back to Belmont, I could not shake some sluggishness the first half of the run. I ran a 10:05/mile pace with my iPod on low. Something happened around mile five, though ... a very welcome runner's high. I cranked up the iPod and had a great two-mile finish. Two running songs that came on helped - Born to Run and Break My Stride, two staples on many runners' iPods. I enjoyed another fav, Sight for Sore Eyes. It's not well known, but check it out, runners.

I like the longer version, but that one rocks, too. Poor Ellen Degeneres if she ever hears that song.

The best part of today's run was seeing all the runners at 5:30. Dozens of 'em and people walking their dogs, too. On one porch on Belmont Blvd., a group of 10 guys prepared to run. Women in pairs were also on the roads. Smart girls.

They all know autumn is here. They know this is the time of year to get out of bed early even if you feel sluggish. You know another runner's high awaits.

Thanks to our friend, Elizabeth, who helped us nail down a cozy, charming B&B in Sonoma County. Dori and I will be staying at the Old Crocker Inn after the Nike Half Marathon in San Fran. We are jazzed ... Thanks, EA!

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