Thursday, October 9, 2008

Shot Day

Later this morning, Dori will go to Vanderbilt Hospital for her one-year immunization shots. This welcome appointment was moved up a few weeks. Tomorrow is Dori's one-year "birthday," courtesy of the best friend we don't know - Hans, her bone marrow donor. Dori will be asking today about the opportunity to meet Hans, but he'll have to consent. If he does, I hope he likes big hugs and red carpets.

My new running shoes felt good, but the right shoe was clicking when I landed hard. I exchanged the shoes, Brooks Dyads, and ran five miles in the new pair this morning at a 9:02/mile pace. Despite the heavy humidity, I ran a good negative split (8:40/mile in). I won't run that fast again until the end of my half marathon (hopefully!).

This morning's run was my third of the week; the others were three- and five-milers, and I've got an easy six-miler planned for Saturday. Tapering in low dewpoints and cooler temps is the reward you think about when you're getting hammered by the July sun. Glad it's here.

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