Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Untimely Bug

The Nike Women's Half Marathon is only four days away, but I've started another race - the quest to defeat some stubborn bronchitis. It's the same stuff that knocked me down a month ago.

Yesterday afternoon, a scratchy throat and fatigue showed up, smiling like a cheesy game show host. I went to bed early last night and did something I almost never do - slept 10 hours. Normal is six hours, maybe a tad more. This morning, I knew I needed relief but dreaded calling my doctor and getting a late afternoon return call. I needed anti-biotics now, so I went to the Minute Clinic.

Drugs away, I worked past lunch, then came home for a nap. The pharmacist says I should begin feeling better tomorrow. That would be very fine with me, so I can carb up, hydrate and rest normally. Not much tastes good right now.

Some family members have empathized that I've trained nearly five months for Sunday's race and may not be 100 percent. That would stink, but here's another perspective. We have too many friends who are facing far worse than not running a race. And there's no way in hell I won't run Sunday. Lastly, today is Dori's and my 14th anniversary, so it's hard to be too bummed, ya know?


Ann said...

Happy anniversary!
Sorry to hear that you're feeling under the weather. I hope you're feeling more like yourself before the big race. I'm sending prayers that you're better soon.

PJ said...

In my mind Jim, you've already won this race. You've vigorously trained, you've raised a substantial amount of money for LLS, and you've encouraged and supported so many of us in our journey through cancer and recovery. You don't just "run for dori" but for all of us.

Have a great weekend!

Jim said...

Ann and PJ,

I'm honored to be running for you and many others. Run for Dori really should be Run for Many. It will be an honor to do this on Sunday.

Love, Jim

Summer said...

I'm a day late, but happy anniversary!! Fourteen years is awesome. Cole and I hit four on the 7th. Feel better!!