Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Food Good, TV No Good

Kudos to my sister, Anne, for the wonderful dinner I had last weekend at her nouveau pad. Hats off to her husband, Stephen, for more captivating photography.

The dinner was simple but scrumptious - a grilled pork tenderloin in an Argentinian chimichurri marinade and sauce, tender brussel sprouts halved and roasted in olive oil, kosher salt and pepper, and a parmesan polenta that would make you do backflips. The brussel sprouts were like healthy fries - crunchy on the outside and tender in the middle, much like many in our family come to think of it. We complimented the fare with a delicious pinot noir from Sonoma County. Last night's chicken enchiladas that Dori made were quite awesome, too. Told you we are food snobs!

So excessive TV leads to unhappiness? That article reminded me of the bumper sticker, "Kill Your TV." I would follow these orders, if it weren't for college football, quality programming on PBS and those always-interesting nature shows. Also, the stickers are usually on rusty cars from the 70s and the drivers tend to resemble the Uni-Bomber. But point taken, University of Maryland scholars.

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PJ said...

Television is the opiate of the masses. Of course, sometimes you need a dulling agent.