Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Joy of Running

While Dori was on a plane yesterday, the kids and I went to the local park, which has a one-third mile loop. Will brought his bike, and Kathryn decided to join me for some of my run. I ran 12 laps, four very enjoyable miles for several reasons.

Inside the loop, families enjoyed watching their little ones play soccer. Actually, as you know, it's more like herdball, but it is fun to watch the spectacle and passion of five-year-old soccer.

The weather was even better. It was 60 with no humidity. One half of the loop was cool (sun behind me into a slight northerly breeze and some shade), while the other half was warm (directly into the rising sun). My cotton shirt had four sweat spots that Kathryn astutely noted had formed a "smiley face." My sweat must have known how I was feeling.

It's easy to find a zone running in the fall. That zone may be how much easier it is to run faster, if that's your desire. My zone yesterday was enjoying simple exercise. I also relished watching my children and others enjoy the the freedom we have in this country to play.

Dori's home after a wonderful trip to Seattle. We missed her and wanted her back with us. These fall trips she's taken - to Charlotte, Sante Fe, San Francisco and the Wine Country, and Seattle - have been good for her and us. Good for her because she's living and good for us because we get to see her enjoy herself.

Tomorrow is Will's first basketball practice. His coach better have his act together. That would be me, by the way. Yes, after a 14-year hiatus from coaching youth basketball, I'm going to dust off the whistle and coach again. Winning 3rd and 4th grade basketball is actually not a high priority ... embracing the team concept, honing fundamentals, playing hard and having a good time are. Check back with me if we go 0-10. :^)


Ronni Gordon said...

I want to run too!

I agree it's perfect weather. Tennis, and of course walking, is easier when you're in the recovery phase. But I really miss that runner's high, which I found to be totally real. I have started doing a tiny but of jogging just by picking a tree and running towards it when I'm walking the dog. I guess that's how we have to start. Post on that topic coming soon. Thanks for the inspiration.

ChuckEastNashville said...

Jim, I thought Cathedral softball would keep you away from coaching. Good luck with basketball season. Teach the fundamentals and big picture, rest will take care of itself.