Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Success at Gilda's Club

Three months ago, we asked our children if they would visit Gilda's Club once a week to discuss cancer in a group of their peers. Last night, the wonderful folks at GC honored all the children in front of their parents with laminated "graduation" certificates that said "You Did It!"

After that, the kids were given gorgeous handmade quilts that honored their individuality. Will received a quilt of his favorite things on earth - frogs. Kathryn was given a beautiful red quilt with dalmatians. I've never seen them smile that much for such a long period of time. Will said he'd like to go back to Gilda's, rating it an 8 of 10 this morning in the car. Kathryn gave it a 9.5. I'm in with a 10. Our kids are growing up.

Dori and I talked awhile last night before we went to sleep. I know she's anxious for a return to complete normalcy, which includes getting back to work in a part-time job. She's interviewed some, though I'm fine with her networking more and continuing recovery. While she's better physically, she still has slow days and work could be rough some days right now.

Dori doesn't take rejection well, and that's what this job market is if you're 100% healthy. My advice has been to enjoy today and look forward to tomorrow. God's plan for her has been a miracle unfolding before our eyes, I've shared with her, and He'll bring you to something special and meaningful. I think that helped my favorite gal, who gave me a wonderful hug before I went to work this morning.

I ran five miles in the dark tonight. It rained some, but not too hard. I thought about what my next race might be. A friend recently told me about a marathon in Oregon. The Newport Marathon caps at 800 people, is relatively flat along a scenic river and in a part of the country I've always wanted to see. It's in late May, a nice time of year to run. The Seattle Marathon is in late June on a hillier course. I'm 95% sure I'm going to run the flat Tom King Half Marathon in March, but where am I going to run my first full? I like flatter, cooler courses.

Thoughts, fellow runners? Maybe I'll put up my first blog poll if some feedback comes in ...


PJ said...

I believe there's an Ocean State Marathon run here in RI every year but I don't know when. RI's known for its flatness, plus I live here and you and yours could visit!

My dream has always been to run the NYC marathon with my 3 kids. We lived on its route for 11 years and had a great time cheering on the runners. It's so crowded now though, plus they use a lottery system do there's no guarantee we'd all get in.

ChuckEastNashville said...

Jim, don't run in those khaki shorts at Tom King. Over the past three years I think about all the progress you have made as a runner, how you handled Dori's health, how your kids have grown emotionally and physically. Enduring a marathon seems a good fit for your personality.

Some in our group have Memphis 12/6 and Huntsville 12/13 marathons on their schedules. Memphis also has a half-marathon.

New Orleans Marathon 2/1/09 will be in middle of Carnival season. There is an accompanying half-marathon in NOLA. Please join us.