Tuesday, June 23, 2009

AML Study

I hadn't seen the word cytogenetics in awhile. Here's some news you can use about AML. Dori could have told them this.

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PJ said...

Nice article. Still not quite sure where I fit in, since my normal cytos put me in the intermediate risk group. I think most hem-oncs would still recommend putting off transplant until relapse because the stats are about even as to disease-free survival: 40%. Personally speaking, had I gone straight to transplant, I (1) may or may not have survived or (2) may have survived the transplant with its associate gvhd risks or (3) survived the transplant and relapsed anyway. Instead, I got 13 months of remission, survived transplant with overall good quality of life but relapsed after 19 months. Of course now it's tougher to get into remission again.

All these "what ifs" are a struggle for doctors and patients. What do you choose. So far my overall survival has been 3+ years, a pretty good run when it comes to aml. Only time (and guesswork) will tell if I took the right treatment path when I opted against transplant in first remission.

Sorry this is so long-winded but I've ruminated a lot about he issue.