Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Good One

Last night, we were watching ESPN when a college football analyst posed the question, "What's the best team to ever come out of Iowa?"

My retort: "Nebraska, after they beat Iowa State."

I had to share.

Here's some great prose and insight on running, from friend Laura who you can find in Blogger Friends.

"I think the real issue is that I’ve never found anything I loved as much as running, though. I was never a distance girl, but the runner’s high is a real thing and it will drive you out the door when it’s too cold, too wet and too hot to even think about sitting on the porch, never mind pounding the pavement. Can you tell I crave it to this day?"

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Ronni Gordon said...

Yes, that was well-put, and so true. I went and read the whole post. I'm happy to be walking my mile around the lake, but when the runners go by I always feel a tinge of envy. But one step at a time, right?