Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Connected and Reconnecting

Let me share good news on two fronts.

Some may recall my sister Anne spearheaded a December art show to raise money for future blood cancer patients confined to 11 North at Vanderbilt. The fund-raiser was a success.

Recently, we received a letter stating three notebooks were purchased to connect patients to their families and friends through the Internet. Isolation is one of many battles patients wage daily as they battle leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. I'm proud of my sister, her art friends and their clients. Ya done good.

Round here, Dori has entered a teaching fellows program. She passed several tests this spring and begins training tomorrow. Her hope is to get a position teaching special education in an area middle school.

Dori kept the clamps on the news until she cleared several hurdles. She has been, quite frankly, anxious about the whole thing. My view is more carpe diem, but I didn't endure what she did and approach new challenges differently. I have to keep reminding myself of this.

The big picture is simple. She has worked hard to earn this opportunity and fulfill her vision to make a difference for others, something she thought of often as she visualized leaving VUMC two years ago. Please keep her in your prayers.

My Saturday and Tuesday morning runs were different experiences. Dumb Jim started his Saturday long run at 10 a.m, while Smart Jim started this morning at 5:15 a.m. Dumb Jim drank some wine Friday night, while Smart Jim went to bed early, fully hydrated. Dumb Jim ran 8.5 miles in bright sunshine in the low 80s with no wind. Smart Jim ran this morning as the sun rose in 67 degree weather. Dumb Jim ran in worn shoes that were starting to cause leg discomfort. Smart Jim ran six miles in new shoes that absorbed the shock, protecting his aging achilles and calf muscles.

Saturday's run was about suffering unnecessarily. Stupidity, really. I don't know why I allowed this to happen, but my legs hurt for several days. Maybe I'll learn I'm not invincible, but I seem to take the hard route sometimes.

This morning, I sweated heavily in the humid conditions, but felt fine after the first half mile. I enjoyed the run. Duh.


Laura Creekmore said...

What exciting news for Dori!! Congratulations!

PJ said...

Tell Dori I'll be following in her footsteps next year. She can be my mentor.

Jim said...

Thanks, ladies.

Patricia, I shared with Dori, and she smiled. We are mentoring each other in many ways, so Dori says it's a deal.


Ronni Gordon said...

Congratulations to Dori!

Glad the smart Jim had a good run. Hope he taught dumb Jim a lesson.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS Dori- what an accomplishment. YOu should be so proud of yourself and accomplishing so many dreams. YOu are venturing forward and living life which is scary at times!

Much love-