Saturday, October 31, 2009

School On Hold

Dori resigned from school and said goodbye to her students and fellow teachers this week. Nothing about her farewells was awkward. She's good with it, and I'm glad.

Dori saw her 4th graders Thursday, determined not to cry. But all of them cried, so that was the end of that story. Yesterday, she went to lunch with co-workers at a diner where macaroni and cheese is considered a vegetable. They had a good time.

Dori will continue to pursue her master's in education, likely volunteer to help her old school co-workers with projects and look around for temp jobs while her immune system continues to mature.

Yesterday, Dori went to Vanderbilt to receive her annual osteoporosis medicine and receive her MMR shots.

I am enjoying seeing Dori not looking completely fatigued. Things have slowed down for a spell, and we're gonna enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

Dori, I know you will miss the kids and the kids will miss you. I know I miss the routine and the feeling of giving back, a schedule, and feeling that my life was full of productive and meaningful teaching and interactions with kids, peers, and education.

I think you will have many many many school seasons to teach and do whatever you want within the system. The flu season is so hard especially being in a school. Being tired or stressed at all you know weakens the immune system. You are doing the right thing for now. i know it does ot make saying "goodbye" any easier.

It is not going backwards- it is forwards and looking at your life long term while still seizing the miracles of each moment.

Big hugs and thanks for all the inspiration-

Jim said...

Thanks, Lea. You deliver good advice and perspective, as always. Dori says thanks. Jim