Wednesday, November 4, 2009


On Sunday, Kathryn and I went to Radnor Lake for a three-miler, her longest run ever. With Pepper as our lead, we ran easy 10-minute miles on a picture-perfect day with the leaves turning along the crystal-clear lake. Kathryn did great. I felt ok, sore in the knees and calf muscles.

Tuesday morning, this time just with Pepper, I ran three more. I ran the first half-mile as gingerly as I've ever run. My tires had no air. But at least I got the blood moving.

Today was the first day I didn't feel sore somewhere. That's a 10-day recovery, about what I expected. The hardest part was still the walk from the finish line to the car.

I was impressed by the performance of American runners in the New York Marathon. Six placed in the top 10, with Meb Keflezighi winning and Ryan Hall finishing fourth.

What a great story and profile of courage, honor and persistence.

Kathryn wants to run early tomorrow morning. One of my favorite parts of the Cape Cod Marathon was watching a father and his daughter race together. They were on my pace, so I saw them often. Maybe Kathryn and I will run a long race together one day.


Jamie said...

Hi Jim,

Just wanted to introduce myself...been a lurker for some time. My husband has AML...has relapsed twice since his sibling SCT and is scheduled for a MUD SCT at the end of next week. I keep a blog

I'm glad to hear that Dori is doing well.

Jamie Eckert

Jim said...

Thanks, Jamie. Dori and I visited your blog today.

Clearly, you and Jeff have been on a rollercoaster. I know you will stay strong for your family. Your son is beautiful.

Our very best to your family as you prepare for next week.