Sunday, December 13, 2009

He's A Runner

Last week, I was a slouch. I ran three times for a total of 10 miles, with Pepper joining me on each run. He seems to be on a better training path than me these days.

Today, Pepper led the way at Radnor Lake, shooting for a PR. He's never gone beyond four miles, which he's done twice, most recently Friday morning. Today, he ran 4.5 and looked like he had another mile in him. I think I'll submit him for "I'm a Runner," one of my favorite features in Runner's World magazine.

As usual, he ran the first mile with gusto. I tried to slow him down, but he's so determined. One lady asked, as I was being dragged down the street, "Who's in charge here?" Not me, at least at that moment.

Once Pepper settles in to a rhythm, we have good runs. Today, we took a few hills at a reasonable clip, then coasted on flats and downhills. He sniffed every dog and walker in the park, much to my chagrin. He thinks everyone wants to see him and often doesn't take "no" for an answer.

That said, I'm glad I have such a good running friend. Otis, our deceased lab, was a thoroughbread racehorse, a great athlete and strong runner. Pepper is different, still strong but not quite as athletic. But he can run better than most.

Dori asked me today my favorite thing about Pepper. "His heart," I said without hesitation. I admire his heart and his passion for running.


Ronni Gordon said...

Sounds great that your dog helps you along. I can't believe you get your dog to run with you that far. Mine goes off into the woods. She always comes back, so instead of waiting and calling, maybe when I run again I just shouldn't wait for her. Or I could try it when walking and see what she does. I am wondering if you trained your dogs to run with you or if they just did it.

Jim said...


He's on a leash, since he's deaf. Our strides have to match, which he usually does after the first mile or so.

Pepper and I ran three miles hard last night. We both found the zone where we could not get tired!