Monday, December 7, 2009


Last Tuesday, Will's basketball team played the Lakers, I mean, a very good basketball team. Our boys were humbled in the scrimmage. At Friday night's practice, we had their attention ... They had blown off pretty much everything we had taught them and suffered the consequences Tuesday. They really got after it at Friday's practice.

The next morning, our boys followed the plan and played a near-perfect first game. They won, 35-8, and it could have been worse had we not backed off. Their opponent wasn't very good, but we executed. Good stuff.

I caught the first half of Kathryn's game. She scored two buckets, including a put back off a missed free throw at the first-half buzzer. Her team won by two points. Kathryn has gone from an after-thought on her first team to a role player the next two years to apparently a team leader. She's fast and aggressive on defense, getting more skilled each day. Mom and Dad are proud of her desire to improve.

Our Team In Training group met early Saturday morning for a three-miler. Jim, Sara and I ran three beforehand, then three with the group. It was cold, about 29 degrees, but quite comfortable after you got going. One guy in our group told me he lost his grandmother in October to AML. She was diagnosed on a Wednesday and died that Saturday.

Please keep our friend in Chuck in your prayers. He has a biopsy scheduled today, and everyone is obviously eager for good news.

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