Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Prayers For Chuck

Please keep Chuck Hendry, his wife Abbie and his precious family in your prayers. He's having a rough go in Round 2 versus AML. Not many of us could endure such hell, but I know a few RFD followers/survivors who have. I take great comfort in that for Chuck.

Things are quiet around here. I've been on the road some, Dori is doing the Christmas thing, and I need to buy a tree. I've never bought one this late. I love the smell of a Christmas tree. Tomorrow night looks good.

I'm looking forward to some vacation time, including hiking, camping and fishing. It's time to get in touch with Inner Jim again. Running Jim can come back January 1.


Ann said...

Definitely saying prayers for Chuck and his family. I hope you got a chance to go shopping for that Christmas tree and that you enjoy your break from running.

Jim said...

Thanks, Ann. I did buy the tree Wednesday and Dori got our cards out today (and tomorrow).

I also bought a Rosemary Tree at Trader Joe's. What a sucker!

Merry Christmas to you and Chris!