Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jim and Kathryn's Excellent Adventure

With apologies to Bill and Ted, Kathryn and I had a most excellent two-night trip to the Big South Fork National Park. Back home, Dori and Will enjoyed equivalent quality time, sans scenery and fresh air.

Kathryn and I stayed at Charit Creek Lodge, a converted hunting lodge that services hikers and horse riders. It's remote, to say the least, smack dab in the middle of 123,000 acres of the most pristine forest on the Cumberland Plateau.

Staying at Charit Creek is semi-roughin' it, a notch easier than camping. We had nice beds, meals and a wood stove to keep our cabin warm. With our long johns, we were comfortable the entire time, with temperatures between 25 and 40.

We relaxed on our porch, listening to the sweet serenading sound from the convergence of Charit and Station Camp creeks. Yesterday, Kathryn and Pepper led me on a 10-mile hike from the lodge to the proud Big South Fork River. We didn't see a soul, save a woodpecker or two. The conversation on the hike and before bedtime was memorable.

I hope these photos do the excursion justice. We'll be back, Dori and Will in tow.

Charit Creek Lodge

Puffin' and Bluffin'

Dad, Daughter and Dog

Best Friends

Screw Rest Period!

Let's Wait For Kathryn

The North Arch at Twin Arches

Advanced Geology

Best Friends 2

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PJ said...

I love the photos! Happy New Year to you, Dori and the kids.