Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dori has a new room!

I am sitting in Dori's new hospital room, which she moved into two hours ago. Nurses Blanche and Susan, my sister, Anne, and Mom and I helped her move in.

The new room is HUGE!!! The view is also much better (you can see downtown, surrounding hills, the whole campus and those four stately Carmichael Towers). We saved all the family photos and put on the walls. The old room was right under the helo pad and had no view. It was depressing, Dori said. She loves the new one!

Will post more on Dori's CaringBridge site later today. This has been Dori's best day of true chemo, by far. She is in good spirits and has laughed and smiled more today than the last three days combined. She got in a quick walk and two bike rides, which is very good. Heart rate is at 44 BPM and temperature is normal.

Dori's sister, Kathy, and Mom ("Happy") are headed back to Cincinnati. Her Dad and his wife, Carol, will be here soon for a visit.

I got in a run this morning while Kathy and Happy were here to watch the kids before I took them to camp. Ran 5.6 miles at 5 a.m. It was muggy! 85% humidity and 71 degrees. Completed in 51 soaking minutes (9:17 pace I think). I felt sluggish but that's part of training some days.

This room ROCKS! Jim

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