Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dori is having another good day

I am back in Dori's room, and Big Rabbit is having another good day. I call Dori Big Rabbit sometimes because our daughter, Kathryn, is our "Rabbit." Kathryn loved stuffed rabbits when she was little, especially Ba-Ba the Bunny that Dori's friend Jan Naifeh gave her.

She feels good, and her last chemo bag is winding down. Nurse Susan just took her vitals. BP is 110 over 68, temp is 98.9 and pulse is 60. Susan knows I am blogging about this and joked the refrigerator temp is 37 degrees! Dr. Greer stopped by earlier and said Dori is tolerating chemo better than most.

I am proud of how Dori has taken care of herself over the years. It is now serving her well. We eat well as a family, and Dori gets in 3 runs a week through some good hills.

Dori just looked out the window and saw Centennial Hospital where Kathryn was born in 1998.

Her, Dad, Rick, and stepmom Carol are now here. The kids and I are going to dinner with them tonight at Carabba's. We love Carabba's! Good carbs! Also here is Joseph Collins from the Cathedral to give Dori Communion. He says he sees chemo patients a lot and Dori looks very good for someone getting chemo.

Communion time ... gotta go.

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