Friday, June 29, 2007

Tanked, but recharging

The kids are spending the night at friends' houses tonight. It couldn't come at a better time. I'm pretty beat. The down time will give me the opportunity to recharge my batteries.

I'm in Dori's room. Been here six good hours. Dori has been concerned by a temperature ranging from 99-100, but the nurses and docs say she's doing fine. She just finished walking half a mile.

She's also doing much better when Uncle Fear and Aunt Uncertainty pay a visit. One thing that's helping is she's keeping her mind occupied. Having a good cry and letting it out once in awhile is OK too. She called me late last night to do just that.

This morning, we watched the episode, "Diversity Day," from our fav show, The Office.
Even better was watching a DVD her Dad left of footage from Kathryn's and Will's first few years. How quick we forget what they once were. They were so precious! Still are.

Dori's dear friend, Garrett Mastin, is here from Charlotte. They were sorority sisters at Vanderbilt. They're talking right now about PPOs, HR rules and the like. Riveting. JK. Garrett and Dori talk effortlessly about alot of things.

I am going to force myself to run today, but it will be a short one. Still a bit tired from the 10-miler yesterday. Have a great weekend, everyone, and please don't forget to help the Leukemia Society, if you haven't already (link on the left).


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Anonymous said...

hi jim

brent and i are pulling for you with each mile in the "run for dori"...w are still active supporters of the new england chapter of the leukemia/lymphoma society (are they banded together here too?) and look forward to lending our support in nashville now as well! get some rest...we wish all of you a peaceful night

elizabeth antony