Thursday, June 28, 2007

Healthy Browns ... Healthy America?

I am in Dori's hospital room ... she's getting her vitals done 20 minutes after an impressive 30-minute bike ride. BP 92/78, pulse 70, temp is 99.6. Dori's appetite is still good. She's eating a lot of saltines to help with queeziness, too.

I am so proud of her, watching her on that bike. Her mask that she must wear makes it hot around her mouth and nose, but she went right past 20 minutes and made 30.

Dori's lifestyle amid being a working mom has helped her be ready for this fight with leukemia. We talk a lot about many things ... One topic is how many Americans are ruining their lives by being unhealthy (little to no exercise, fast food runs and unbalanced meals). I am glad Dori and I adjusted our path many years ago ... It has helped our lives, our children's lives, shoot, even our marriage. When America addresses its health crisis on the preventative side, it will get the hyperinflation under control; if it does not, it will continue to wreak havoc on our economy and indviduals' lives. Sorry about the soap box, but that's what blogs are for sometimes.

I am headed to the YMCA soon for a treadmill training run. I'd like to get in 10 miles today, my long run for the week. A cold front comes through soon, so maybe I'll get another one in outside this weekend.

We're already up to $2,000 raising money for LLS, and I haven't even issued a call to action. I think we will blow away our initial $50,000 goal. Thanks to those who have already generously contributed and please be ready to spread the word for Dori and these other patients up here on the 11th floor at Vanderbilt. You would be touched by what goes on up here on a daily basis.

God bless and love to all. Jim

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