Saturday, June 30, 2007

Good training run, Dori gets a special visitor

Last night, I skipped my training run because my good friend, Al DeNunzio, treated me to a few beers and some grub at Bosco's in Hillsboro Village, right down the street from the hospital. Al had swung by to see Dori, and then we headed for some cold ones. Good beer, good conversation, as always, with Al, who was my next door neighbor, senior year second semester at VU.

I woke up this morning, fueled up with some fruit and a bagel, and headed to the Y. I ran 5.62 miles in 45:10, or an 8:02 pace. I was going to do a 10K, but hit the reset button by mistake. No worries, I did some speed work after the run - four 1/4 milers, instead, at a 1:37 pace. I projected my 10K would have been a 49:22 at a 7:57 pace, if fumble thumbs didn't hit the wrong button. My heart rate was fine, and I felt good the whole time, even after several beers last night. Training is going well so far for Virginia.

Dori called me yesterday while Al and I were at Bosco's. She said I would never guess who came to see her in her hospital room. Coach Tim Corbin from Vanderbilt baseball!!!! I'm going to post later about Coach Corbin and Vanderbilt baseball (remember I warned you a few posts ago!), but I first want to read what Dori puts on CaringBridge later today. She's planning a post as I write this. Stay tuned. GO DORES!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for squeezing me in yesterday.

It was good to see you, my friend.


Anonymous said...

Jack and I were sad when we heard about Dori, through Michael and marian Kohl.
We just wanted you to know we are thinking of your family and saying lots of prayers.
It is good to hear you are doing Team in Training...I haven't run with them, but know some friends who have. I have run 5 marathons, and I guess you could say I love running... a lot - just ask Jack.
We would love to contribute and want you to tell Dori we are thinking of her. It sounds like she is surrounded by lots of love.
P.S. I wish I could've seen Garrett Mastin - she was my freshman roommate. Also, we love Vandy Baseball and Coach Corbin too. I found out through a friend that my son, Jack, was in a video on the website from baseball camp a couple of weeks ago. If you happen to look, it is quite funny - they do a slip n slide at the end of camp. Jack Jr. has a grey shirt with white/red stripe pants -
Kay (Hardaway)Goodrum