Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Good Gloves

Tomorrow morning's low is supposed to be 8 degrees, so that motivated me to run this evening when it was 23. Turns out, tonight's run felt good.

One lady in her driveway called me "brave," but I volleyed, "It's not bad once you get moving." Tomorrow morning would have been brave. One recent investment, a pair of running gloves, have helped matters a great deal the last few weeks. My other gloves "leaked" and just didn't do the trick. That was a smart 15 dollars.

I'm glad tonight's five-miler went well. I needed it. I've felt lethargic since Saturday's dud, and work stress built up this week. A four-mile jog yesterday morning felt wrong, so I've been a little short during some conversations.

Yesterday, I dragged my sorry behind at a 10-minute pace, but today was better - about a 9:00/mile pace. I'll tack on one more moderate run before my long run on Saturday.

By the way, Chuck Hendry is more than halfway to his LLS fundraising goal.

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PJ said...

It was 9 degrees at my house this morning so I postponed my run. Jim, you were wise to run last night.

Even though you do warm up in a few minutes, it's rough going to start, especially when it's windy. I actually wear 2 pairs of gloves, a lightweight pair of running gloves and an outer shell that I wear cross-country skiing. I hate having numb fingers

Here's to warmer weather and more good runs!