Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good Week

I've had a stretch of days during which I've had the opportunity to count my blessings.

Tuesday night at 8, a time that I'm usually getting ready to curl up with a book, I was at our school gym for some pick-up basketball. We played some four-on-four, with six of the guys under 25. Most had played organized basketball, while one tall guy recenly finished a four-year stint as a starting baseball pitcher at Vanderbilt. That dude could play.

We played four games, splitting them and finishing at 9:20. It was fun to run full court for an hour-plus and not feel tired until the very end. I couldn't have asked for better cross-training.

This morning, Mighty Pepper proudly ran three miles with me. The cold and 15 MPH wind didn't bother us. My canine friend has really been fun to run with the last few months because he stays in my rhythm. Don't tell me dogs don't smile. If you don't believe me, come watch the Mighty Pep run.

Last night, I had dinner with four friends at a nice restaurant. I hadn't been with a few for some time, and of course those fellas asked about Dori. Things were a little spiritual for a moment, as one buddy talked about helping his sick parents before they died. He talked about singing birds during one explanation, which really hit me. I told the group, "I used to hear birds once in awhile, but now I always hear them." Another comment that resonated with my friends was how Dori and I know two sets of young eyes are always upon us, and we know giving in or flinching is not an option ... before, now or ever.

So you see, I am blessed. Work is good, my wife is healthy, my children are doing well. During this morning's run, I thought about all the things that help sharpen my mind, contrasting them with the things that have hurt me in the past. In the Sharpen Camp, I would include running, a good diet, prayer, church, less TV and more reading, and hanging around positive people; in the Dulling Camp, lack of exercise, a poor diet, excessive alcohol and negative people.

I received a good piece of news via email this morning. Our friend who was in great peril is improving, though she has a ways to go. We'll pray for continued recovery and ask God to shine His Light on her life and all of ours.

The sun is about to rise, and so are my children, so it's off to a bowl of oatmeal, a Dori hug and another good day.

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Anonymous said...

GRATITUDE- Jim your post is of one of being thankful. You recognize and appreciate your life. I think that is a true gift! Thanks for the reminder. LIfe is VERY VERY good and I am so happy that you and Dory are doing so incredibly well.

Keep on truckin and I truly appreciate all of your support through my journey!
Lea Morrison