Friday, February 6, 2009

Good morning, Pepper

Wednesday night, Dori said she didn't feel well. Her symptoms were similar to mine earlier in the week - lethargic, headaches and a little cough. When I'm under the weather, we don't worry too much. When Dori doesn't feel well, well ... you know.

Dori woke up at 5 this morning and said, "I feel good." Music to my ears. "Are you going to run?" she asked. "Yes, a short one with Pepper," I mumbled.

Mighty Pepper and I headed out for a three-miler into a good SW breeze and 37 degrees on a clear morning. It felt good outside. Pepper, who snapped a toenail more than a month ago, ran well. He is now fully recovered.

This morning's run was the first time Pepper and I were in sync for the whole run. Pepper, who is now 3, is part dalmatian, part black lab. That is a cocktail for craziness in a young pup. He really looks like he came from the Island of Misfit Dogs. It's nice to see the boy continuing to mellow. He has become a good friend. Dori and the kids love him, and so do I.

Our friend Donna is scheduled to have another baby this month. She e-mailed me the other night saying they're going to bank the baby's cord blood. What a cool idea, for those of you who have the opportunity. Donna, a fellow runner and woman with tremendous spirit, is ready to have her baby and get her running shoes back on. Sounds like hubby Runcie is going to be watching some kids on the weekends. We're thinking of you, Donna!


ChuckEastNashville said...

Glad to hear Dori is feeling better, and your training routine has returned. You have five weeks until Tom King Half.

As a teenager I ran with my black Lab around Newsom's Station. Harpeth River nearby was a frequent stop for Max.

Last year my neighbor's yellow Lab, Sparkle, would run with me. She was good for 7:30 per mile pace.

Donna Clements said...

Oh so glad Dori is feeing good! I can only imagine what a relief that is!
Thanks for the mention! I am so ready to run - and it will be just in time for spring running (a close 2nd to fall running).
I have often referred to Ellie May- our 8 yr old yellow lab- as one of my best friends - and running partner extraordinaire. Glad to see you and Pepper having a good rhythm (and the description of a 3 yr old dalmatian/lab mix as a cocktail for craziness made me laugh out loud.)
(btw, Sparkle is a wonderful name for a yellow lab!)