Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wipe Out

Frankly, last week was rough as hell.

First, I contracted the flu, but missed the 48-hour window to get drugs. I'm now convinced I've never had the flu before, or at least a strain like this. Think every symptom. I had them (and still have a few). Will and Kathryn also fought something, but won their fights. Dori, however, was diagnosed midweek with influenza B positive. It floored her, just like it hammered me. She compared the feeling of this flu to her radiation treatments in 2007.

Unfortunately, I had to work this week through Wednesday. Monday was awful, and Tuesday was a 15-hour marathon without a break. I thought I was coming around Wednesday, but hit a wall, just like when running a long distance. Time almost stopped. I was weak and sometimes dizzy. Missing two to three square meals a day wasn't helping matters. I just want to wipe away last week from my mind, and move on.

After a restful Thursday and Friday, I'm about 80% today. Today is Day Nine of Flu-orama, but I'm hoping to hop in the saddle again soon. Certainly, I'm going to reevaluate running the Tom King Half Marathon in two weeks. I'm almost sure I won't race and will search for other opportunities soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh my- a very sick house. I am so sorry that you all seemed to get "wiped out" but the kids seemed to bounce back so quickly . How is Dori doing? I think she is off of all of her immunosuppressants - right? I know that does not make her immune system like a normal one.

I have run a bunch of marathons/half marathons and I certainly would be trying to give my body a break and resist the urge to run that 1/2 in 2 weeks. There are loads of others out there.

Keep on truckin'

Jim said...


Dori is off all immunosuppressants.